nanoSLX Coating

nanoSLX is the most advanced coating we’ve ever applied to a grinder. We have spent a decade perfecting nanoSLX - ensuring it doesn’t stick and doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Our unique, patented coating combines the absolute lowest friction possible with extreme durability. Silicone baked into a tough, abrasion resistant enamel keeps the coating slick. The enamel is bonding with the aluminum substrate at the molecular level, prevents wearing or chipping. As always - zero Teflon, PTFE, or other fluoropolymers.


Total Trichome Protection Technology

TTPT protects what matters most - potency and terpene profile. When using a regular grinder, resin glands burst and up to 30% of available THC gets stuck to the teeth. It also wreaks havoc on terpene profiles, changing the flavor and aromas. The nanoSLX coating ensures flower maintains its potency, flavors, and aromas. Don’t degrade your flower or smoking experience.



SLX proprietary quick-lock opens with a quarter turn. Offering secure closure, it won’t open accidentally. Quick to access when you’re in a rush, safe from spilling if you knock your grinder over or travel with it in a bag.


rEvolution Teeth

SLX rEvolution Teeth are completely redesigned, offering another leap in cutting power. The new 5-sided teeth effortlessly bust even the densest nuggets. The rEvolution design further optimizes cutting dynamics, delivering the perfect cut every time. A total of 65 teeth - 25 primary top teeth mate with 30 primary bottom teeth, maintaining the signature SLX cut while reducing pressure on each tooth. Additionally, the PRO has 10 CleanGrind teeth arranged around the outside of the top - these ensure flower doesn’t accumulate or get pressed down without being cut, further reducing friction and waste.

Lift-out Screen
The lift-out screen design is carried over from the v2.5. The drum-tight, 250 micron lift-out screen is the quickest way to access to your kief. It also eliminates the need to turn the grinder upside down and tap it to remove the ground flower - a process that pushes the kief back into the screen with regular grinders. This prevents clogging and increases kief accumulation by a significant amount.

Limitless Guarantee

Our grinders are unique. So is our guarantee. If you ever have a problem with a SLX product, we’ll replace any part that fails. We guarantee to make things right. It doesn’t happen often, but if you need help, we’re here.


What is nanoSLX?

nanoSLX is the most advanced coating on the market. It’s engineered to extremely precise specifications, using FDA food-contact certified components, with absolutely zero Teflon, PTFE, or other fluoropolymers. The secret sauce is a high-strength enamel combined with silicone (and yes, it’s exclusive to SLX).

Our coating has evolved over the years, making nanoSLX stronger and slicker than anything that came before. We pioneered ceramic coating in the cannabis industry, but even we have moved beyond that buzzword. You might see another grinder claiming to be non-stick - but there’s a reason we were issued a patent on the technology, and that we have close to a million satisfied customers. It’s because our coating works and it doesn’t break down.