What is SLX?

SLX Grinders are made for grinding tobacco and legal medicinal herbs that can be vaporized or smoked such as mullein, white sage, mint, blue lotus, catnip, lavender and chamomile among others. Our exclusive, patented coating process provides you with a self cleaning, ceramic coated grinder that does not stick or need cleaning.

Did you know that the first grinder was patented in 1905 by an W. H. Wingate, an Australian, for cutting plug-tobacco so it could be rolled into a cigarette? All contemporary grinder designs (including SLX) are descended from this original tobacco grinder:  US Pat 795,746

Help! My SLX is Sticking

SLX Grinders are designed to be used with herbs cured at the industry standard 8-10% moisture level. Herbs above 12-14% moisture  will cause resin to accumulate. (You're also paying for that extra moisture.) Buds should always feel completely dry on the outside and shouldn't stick together.

We have found that in ALL CASES where the grinder is sticking it's due to excess moisture content. Clean you grinder in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours and let it dry. Then leave your herbs out in a dry environment for 12-24 hours and grind. 

If you're using Boveda to maintain the proper relative humidity of your storage environment (recommended in very humid climates) use the 58% or 62% packs: https://www.bovedainc.com/support/herbal/rh-level-...

Does SLX need cleaning?

Your SLX grinder is designed to be self cleaning and should not accumulate residue. However, if you notice bits of herbs remaining in the cutting chamber, you can dust them out with a small, soft toothbrush. In an extreme case, if the teeth feel sticky and you want to restore the grinder to like new condition, brush it out and soak it in 70 - 91% rubbing alcohol for a couple of hours. Then rinse in water and air dry. If you need to do this more than rarely, see above.

Replacement policy

If any part fails under under normal use, fill out a support ticket and we will (at our discretion) send a replacement part to you at no charge. Fill out all required fields, especially your complete ADDRESS! You must send pictures showing the damage.

Our replacement policy does not include cosmetic damage or parts that are dropped, scratched with a metal object or otherwise abused.

Counterfeit SLX

There are no counterfeit SLX Grinders and it's unlikely there will be any attempt to duplicate the SLX process - it's just too hard to make. However, if you ever see an anodized grinder with the SLX Logo on it, please use our contact form to let us know!

The lift out screen

The screen section is designed to sit loosely in the bottom compartment for easy removal. It will make a slight rattling sound if you shake the grinder. This is normal.

 Is SLX safe?

SLX uses fused ceramic nano-particles that are certified by the Food and Drug Administration as safe for food contact. It is also approved for use in the tobacco manufacturing process. The coating is extremely durable if used appropriately and is able to resist temperatures higher than you will be burning your grind at. Even if a small particle of the coating somehow did chip off, it would not burn or incinerate and you would not be able to inhale it.

Does your coating contain PTFE (or teflon)?

  1. We sell tobacco grinders and PTFEs are not permitted for use in equipment that handles tobacco products. If burned and inhaled, PTFE is a carcinogen. And, if even a particle the size of a grain of salt (about 0.000014 of an ounce!) is inhaled, the smoker will develop extreme flu like symptoms. Here is an article describing polymer flu syndrome. No reputable coating company will ever apply PTFE to a product used for handling smoking materials. If the tobacco industry prohibits PTFEs in their equipment, you certainly do not want to use it to grind your smoking products.

Where is SLX made?

Machined parts are manufactured to the highest standards in China (like your cell phone). The ceramic coating is made for us in the US by the world's largest coating company.  It is then applied by one of their licensed applicators in China.