Top 5 Most Popular Blunt Wraps of 2020

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Whoa, what a year so far. From Coronavirus to civil unrest, 2020 has not offered us a whole lot of opportunities to kick it with our friends, roll up a fat blunt or three, and discuss and share the finer things in life. Of course, you already know that SLX is the best weed grinder for blunts, and hopefully you know where to get the best weed, now we want to help you track down the best blunt wraps too in our…


First, it should be noted that blunt smokers are a particular bunch. Yes, joint rollers/smokers certainly have their preferences but when the doobie gets sparked, very few will be too snobby to hit some “other” rolling paper. Blunt smokers are different because blunt smoking is different so keep in mind that the order of this list is very subjective, but the list itself should prove to be informative.


SLX Grinders are perfect for rolling Backwoods BluntsOk, here we go. When it comes to rolling and smoking Backwoods blunts, people either love them or hate them, there really is no in-between. It usually comes down to how much experience the person has smoking tobacco products since Backwoods are rolled using the actual tobacco leaves, not a manufactured wrap made from tobacco leaf pulp.


Backwoods logo - SLX GrindersUnrolling a Backwood cigar is a tricky task, then refilling the leaf with your favorite freshly ground herbs requires a lot of skill to re-create a proper shape without any tears.






Leaving wacky flavors to other brands, these ultra-slow burning bombers will leave most novice tokers choking out of the sesh way before the blunt burns down to the roach. These are not my personal favorite, but you cannot deny their popularity.


For a lot of people, Swishers are the first cigar that they ever use to create and smoke a blunt. Like the Backwoods above, Swisher Sweets come pre-rolled with tobacco which must be emptied to make room for the weed. Unlike a Backwood, splitting a Swisher is a pretty easy task with a sharp blade or even some good fingernails.

SLX Grinders are perfect for rolling Swisher Sweets Blunts


The perfectly tubular shape of the now emptied wrap provides a simple platform for re-rolling an evenly proportioned blunt. Swishers come in a variety of flavors but even the original has a little extra sweetness compared to the more natural Backwood and is definitely not as harsh. At two cigarillos for a buck, and found in shops across the world, ganja loving globetrotters can almost always count Swishers showing up where they’d least expect them.


Nothin' fancy but you just cannot have a list of the most popular cigars for blunts and not include the SLX Grinders are perfect for rolling Philly Bluntsnamesake OG blunt brand themselves – Philly Blunts. These little fatties must also be broken down like the others already listed in order to dispose of the tobacco inside. One of the originals, this brand is often passed over in favor of the hype of the day, but they are still around, super affordable, and often sold in convenient 5-packs. They tend to burn a bit faster than other brands but sometimes that quick-hitter can be a benefit too.


If you have ever heard a blunt referred to as a “Dutchie”, this brand is how they got their extra nickname. Featured in the Wu-Tang banger The 7th Chamber in one of GZA’s lyrics when he busts:

My-My-My-My clan is thick like plaster, bust ya, slash ya
Slit a ni**a back like a Dutch Master

SLX Grinders are perfect for rolling Dutch Master Blunts aka DutchiesDutch Masters cost a bit more than some other brands but are revered by those who wish to blend a rich, authentic cigar flavor with whatever terpene profile their chosen weed is delivering. Generally, Dutchies are easier to roll than a Backwood and (depending on who you sesh with) seem to have a less soggy roach toward the end of the blunt. To offset the slightly higher price, Dutch Masters are typically a bit longer than your average blunt wrap or cigarillo, making them perfect for passing around with good friends.


Whether is for health reasons, or personal reasons, or any reason, let’s face it, not everyone wants to be inhaling tobacco with their cannabis. Of course, rolling papers were popularized long before blunt rolling became the phenomenon it is today, but as you probably already know, a blunt just burns differently. It’s not just the added effects of the inhaled tobacco, it’s the slow burn, the smooth smoke, and the added flavor and now with High Hemps Blunt Wraps you can have all of that without the nicotine.

SLX Grinders are perfect for rolling High Hemp Blunts

These hemp-derived wraps are not only highly convenient, but they are non-GMO, pesticide-free, and even vegan-approved! These will take a little getting used to, even for seasoned blunt-rollers, but the thicker wrap makes it nearly impossible to tear, and every wrap comes with a filter or crutch to keep the mouth-side easy to toke from.


If you have ever seen the full process of creating a high-end cannagar (cannabis cigar) then you probably already appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship required to roll one of these all-natural, all-cannabis blunts. These king-sized blunts are made by rolling a lot of perfectly ground up weed into a virtual log formed around a long, straight, wood skewer. Unlike with a joint, you’ll pack your cannabis about as tightly as you can so that it will burn as slowly as possible. Once complete, that “log” of weed is coated in potent, sticky, cannabis oil top to bottom and all around. Next, rather than slicing into a store-bought cigarillo or carefully unfurling a pre-packaged blunt wrap, you will use freshly cured cannabis leaves as your wrap, spiraling them upward from the bottom of your cannagar like the stripes on a barbershop pole. Leaves from indica strains tend to work best as they express broader leaves. With a layer of leaves on, another drizzle of cannabis oil is applied, and then another wrap of leaves. At this point, the entire cannagar should be set aside into a cool, dry, dark place to give the leaves a chance to cure and lose some chlorophyll. Many people will wrap a natural twine or hemp string around the cannagar during this phase to keep the leaves and shape intact. After a week or so, you will have a perfectly cured example of blunt royalty in your hands. After all, the plant provides everything you need.

SLX Grinders are perfect for rolling a Cannagar

Whether you prefer no tobacco with your weed (joints/cannagars), some tobacco with your weed (blunts), or a lot of tobacco with your weed (spliffs), one thing that remains constant is the need for a thorough, uniform grind to ensure the optimal blunt smoking experience. A lot of the top weed grinders on the market right now do not appreciate the subtle nuances of how weed ground to different consistencies can have profound effects on how that weed then combusts once rolled up.

SLX Grinders always provide a quick, non-stick, clean, and consistent grind perfect for packing into a pipe, loading into a bong, or rolling up into a fat Backwood, Dutchie, or Swisher blunt.

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