3 Great Reasons to Use an Herb Grinder to Bust Up Your Buds

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Around here, we like to say that “Every session should start with an SLX” and that’s the truth! Whether you prefer to enjoy your herb in a bong or a blunt, a pipe or a paper, and especially if you choose to use an herbal vaporizer, the proper use of a high-quality herb grinder is essential for true connoisseurs.

Of course, we may be biased but we’ve come up with three compelling reasons why you should always grind your herb before you smoke or vape it.  


Those sparkly crystals that you (hopefully) see on your buds are more than just bag appeal, they are called trichomes and they are the micro-factories that produce and store the hundreds of compounds that give your herb its potency, its flavor, and its overall effects.

They can become brittle over time, especially as your buds begin to dry out, and so handling those shiny nugs as little as possible is the key to keeping those precious trichs in place until you are ready to fire them up.

Using an herb grinder minimizes your hand contact with your herb, ensuring that you capture and consume all of your trichomes.

One common complaint about the use of a grinder is that they can get sticky, or gummy, making them hard to operate. Lesser quality herb grinders will accumulate and eventually smash trichomes together in the upper chamber and/or threads of the grinder. Not only does this make your herb grinder harder to operate and less effective, it also wastes trichomes!

SLX v2.0 Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Herb Grinders eliminate that problem as well as the need to constantly clean your grinder. The innovative surface coating on our grinders leaves you confident that you’ve left nothing behind after you grind.

With a proper four-piece grinder from SLX, the top chamber will have a pattern of slicing and dicing teeth that will get their grind on by breaking down your herb until it drops to the chamber below. There it will rest on a stainless-steel mesh screen that is fine enough to only allow the bulbous microscopic heads of the trichomes to pass through to the bottom chamber.

There you will find an aromatic and incredibly potent gathering of powdery golden ‘kief’ – a perfect bowl topper or joint infuser.


As we alluded to in the intro, one of the main advantages of using an herb grinder is that it will improve your experience no matter how you prefer to smoke or vape.

Although most grinders look suspiciously alike, there are things to look for that set certain brands apart. The type of material a grinder is made of is important. Unless you want to potentially smoke plastic or paint, you do not want a plastic or painted grinder. High grade aluminum is preferred. The next thing to consider is the style and pattern of the teeth and drop-through holes in the grinding chamber itself.

This will determine how fine, chunky, flaky, or fluffy your end product will be. Blunt smokers tend to like a sheared, flaky, grind… almost like it was finely scissored off the stem. Bong and pipe smokers also like a more coarse grind to keep the bowl burning all the way through without the need for a screen.

PRO-TIP: If you are looking for a finer, fluffier grind from your SLX herb grinder, try flipping it upside down while you grind. This will prevent most of the material inside from passing through the holes and will continue to work the herb through the trapezoidal teeth. After several twists in that manner, flip it back over, give it a few more turns and then carefully open it up and inspect your handywork. This is especially useful for herbal vape users. Whether it is a tabletop vaporizer, or a handheld herbal vape pen, starting with a fine, even grind is a key to success.


A good herb grinder will have a sizeable chamber to catch and store the ground material as well as a secure way of combining all chambers of the grinder in a way that leaves it virtually airtight, spillproof, and relatively odorproof.

Look for a strong rare earth magnet to secure the lid to the grinding chamber. These two pieces cannot be threaded because they need to be able to spin freely in either direction. Our entire lineup of SLX v2.0 Non-Stick Herb Grinders feature four chambers but only one set of precision-machined, ceramic-coated threads. All of this combines to give you a discreet, portable, durable storage option for at home or on the go.

So your new herb grinder will not only prepare your buds for you, but it’ll store the goods once the deed is done – what a deal! But there’s more…

One underappreciated feature of a high-quality herb grinder is how it can be used as a dosing tool for those who want or need to keep track of how much they are smoking each sesh, each day, or each week. For medical patients, people on a budget, or just the canna-curious among us, it can be highly useful to know exactly how much herb you’re going through in a given amount of time.

By determining how much herb your top grinding chamber can comfortably contain, you can then know how many times you should fill it each day or each week in order to meet whatever ration you’ve set. For example, one gram of freshly ground buds fits snugly in a standard rolling paper. Load exactly a gram into your SLX grinder and you’ll have the perfect pile of potent herb ready to roll!


Your herb grinder could become a dependable part of your daily grind and you deserve one that is crafted with quality, packed with useful features, and backed by a company you can trust. Start your next session with a SLX HERB GRINDER.


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